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    Denise Rector
    PO Box 318
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    Electronic mail-ddiagnosticservices@gmail.com

D's Diagnostic Services
About our Business:
D's Diagnostic Services was started by Denise Rector in 2002 as a USDA EIA lab in the northeast
Texas area, where she currently serves approximately 25 large animal veterinary clinics.

She began raising miniature bucking bulls in 2006, and in 2008 she was introduced to                
BioPRYN as a non-invasive method for pregnancy detection.  It was everything the advertisement
said; easy, affordable and most of all, accurate.  The method was a great asset to her production.
As a result of her relationship with so many vets, and at the request of many dairy, beef and bucking
cattle clients in her area, she expanded into pregnancy testing in 2009 with the BioPRYN pregnancy
testing system.

Denise understands that agriculture people do not keep 8-5 working hours.  Since her lab is located
at her residence, she makes herself available whenever a customer needs her.  Customers are
welcome to save shipping charges and drop off samples, and she welcomes calls at any reasonable

                                              Drop Offs are welcome 24/7 our lab is on site.
Denise Rector